Industrial Services (House Keeping)

Rojan Sanat Alborz is a leader of Industrial Cleaning services in Iran. In this regard, we have merged European technology and experiences with Iranian flair to establish well reputation. In order to delight our customers we have gathered wide range of solutions so we would be able to respond their needs.

We are honor to be in charge for Housekeeping for well-known Industrial plants such as steel plants, Iron mines, Copper plants, Cement plants, etc
With the help of our executive experts as well as handy equipment and vehicles especially Industrial vacuum cleaners we reach to position that our customers know Housekeeping by the name of Rojan Sanat Alborz.



Rojan SanatAlborzCompany is active in the field of Industrial cleaning services (housekeeping) with the most up to dated equipment and technology, and also experienced technical staff and administrative.
 Some of our industrial cleaning services using mobile and fixed vacuum cleaners are explained as follow:


• Cleaning and dredging of all kinds of sewage, pits, etc. inside and outside operational sites.
• Evacuation of polymers, liquid with high viscosity and any type of Sludge which are inside canals, and industrial containers with advanced equipment such as combi jet, powerful vacuums and industrial sweepers.
• Cleaning around the furnaces and collecting of useful materials such as copper concentrate and iron pellets
• Cleaning of ceiling cranes including transit rails, control rooms and crane body
• Collecting of disperses materials of conveyor and transfer them to raw materials section for re-using
• Discharging of Pickings and any types of absorbents from industrial containers
• Cleaning heat exchangers, removing clogging from tubes and pipeline via industrial Combi jets
• Cleaning and collecting of all the industrial wastes and de-polymerizing of equipment with mechanical and chemical methods

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