Mobile Industrial Units

The mobile unit (RSA-HF) is a modern industrial
double-axle semi-trailer with steering axle, developed especially for the suction, blowing and transportation of sand, gravel, substrates and liquid .This unit is available with a roots blower or screw-compressor. It is driven by a 4 or 6-cylinder diesel engine and an automatic gearbox with 2gears and a hydraulic clutch. This gearbox gives the mobile unit a higher suction and blowing capacity while using less fuel.

RSA-HF Series (Mobile Unit)
Transportation possibilities:
Truck with drag-on hook-and-arm system
Truck with cable system
Truck with 20' container twist locks
Semi-trailer with 20' container twist locks
Trailer with 20' container twist locks
Rail carriage with 20' container twist locks

Some applications:

Suction of catalyst
Suction and blowing of (roofing) gravel
Suction, blowing and discharging of powdered substance
Suction and discharging of various sludge and slurries


Tank: stainless steel
Capacity filter compartment: 1.5 m3
Capacity material compartment: approx. 10 m3 up to 23m
Tank diameter: 2.000 mm
Total height: 3.900 mm
Unladen weight: 9.300-15.500 kg
Permissible total weight: 25.000-47.000 kg
Loading capacity: 16.000-24.000 kg
Semi-Trailer: 2 air-axles with air suspension, rear axle designed as operated steering axle. Tandem set - 20.000 kg, kingpin - 18.000 kg
Blower: min. capacity approx. 6.000 m/h max.    capacity approx. 11.000 m/h     max. pressure bar,    max. vacuum 960 mbar.
Diesel engine: 4 or 6-cylinder diesel engine with an automatic gearbox

RSA-HV Series (Truck Mounted)

The Truck Mounted unit is the best choice concerning a modern and economical solution for vacuuming, blowing and discharging of dry and liquid substances. The high quality materials fulfill all requirements of industrial contractor. In short, the most maneuverable and all-round machine with a large loading capacity and low fuel consumption. The RSA-HV could be designed for vacuuming substances in a closed nitrogen environment and equipped with a water cooled cooling system for controlling the temperature of the exhaust airflow

Tank body Material: Steel/Stainless Steel
Filter loading capacity 2.0 m3
Container loading capacity: 15.0 m' up to 23 m
Tipping mechanism hydraulically operated
Rear door closing: hydraulically operated with
4 tapered rams
Level guard: clectronically operated
Filter cleaning
compressed air operated reverse jet pulse
Safety filter: stainless steel filter element

Filter top door

Noise Level

swivel action with quick release
clamps, hydraulically liftable
8000 up to 11000 m/h
approx. 78 dB, integrated silencers and blower-housing 2 bar
Design pressure: Test-pressure 1.43 bar
Working-pressure: I bar

Chassis design:

3-axle: Wheel base approx.4500 mm 1st-2nd axle
Total weight construction + chassis approx.15.000 kg
4-axle: Wheel base approx. 3525 mm 2nd - 3rd axle
Total weight construction + chassis approx.19.000 kg
5-axle: Wheel base approx. 3525 mm 2nd 3rd axle
Total weight construction + chassis approx. 22.000 kg

Cabin: Short or sleeper cab
Minimum power engine required: 300 hp
Make: All makes are possible. Wheel base and total

Weight depends on make and installed options

Some applications:
The suction of catalyst
The suction and blowing of (roof) gravel
The suction and blowing of powders
The suction and compressing of heavy sludge and slurries

























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