Explosion Proof ADR and EX Vacuum Units

Rojan Sanat Alborz is a seller and cleaning service provider of high quality ADR SEWER vacuum systems and SWEEPER for municipalities, petrochemicals, Factories, Mines and industries in order to suction and blowing hazardous materials.

A Series:
The A series is the standard machine for suction, discharging and transporting ADR liquids.

The A series is self-supporting industrial pressure-vacuum installation for suction, discharging and transporting hazardous liquids. Maximum flexibility, large tank volume, low total weight and compactness were key factors when developing this machine

Our customers use these vehicles for the purpose of environmental protection by investing in these units which reduce harmful
emission and maintenance costs in factories. In this regard, important aspects are reliability, easy to operate long life and economical efficiency

A Series characteristics:
10m' stainless steel tank, stainless steel liquid ring tank
Powerful full vacuum liquid pump, with 95% continuous vacuum
Discharge compressor 2 bar and nitrogen connection
Suitable for all industries specially oil and petrochemical industry

A Series models are:
RSA-AF (Mobile Unit)
RSA-AV (Truck Mounted)









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